Can you replace individual slats on blinds

Can You Replace Individual Slats On Blinds?

Can you replace individual slats on blinds, or is the whole set ruined when one rung goes bad? It doesn’t matter what kind of material they’re made of, if enough pressure is applied to them, blinds will succumb. There’s no need to fret though. You can get your blinds looking as good as new by switching out a slat or two. Today I’ll share how I repaired and replaced slats in my broken blinds, for a cost effective and stylish way to keep my room fresh.


Can You Replace Individual Slats On Blinds?

Most blinds can be repaired if a single slat becomes damaged. There are signs to look out for before deciding on a replacement. For instance, if you’re having trouble opening and closing your blinds, a replacement is required. If the slats look discolored or deformed, then it’s time you got some new ones.

There are many causes for slats sustaining damage on blinds as well. They could be weather-beaten, or old, kids could break them while running around the house, etc. The bottom line is, you need to look for signs of damage and replace them early before it gets worse.

Benefits Of Replacing Slats In Your Blinds

There are several reasons why replacing single slats rather than the entire unit is a good idea:

  • Cost
  • Efficiency
  • Customization
  • Ease
  • Style

Repair is More Cost-Effective Than Buying New

Slats are usually so affordable that you can get as many as you need. That saves you from the financial burden of replacing your blinds completely. You don’t just replace something entirely due to minor damage, it doesn’t make economic sense.

Replacing Slats Is Efficient

Chances are the cords in your blinds are in good, working condition. Replacing a select number of slats and slats alone isn’t just good for the pocket. It’s also more environmentally friendly- lower demand equals lower production.

You Can Customize Your Blinds

If you’re the creative type, you can play around with the ability to switch out old slats with new ones. You can go for a striped effect, for example, with alternating colors throughout.

Slat Replacement Is Easy

This isn’t a labor-intensive activity, so there’s no point in getting an installer. In fact, the slats come with instructions to guide you. Fitting them in should be a breeze, as long as you follow these instructions.

You Can Maintain The General Style

You don’t have to opt for a different make of blinds because of one broken slat. In keeping with the theme of your decor, you can easily find slats to match your existing blinds. This means you don’t have to compromise your sense of style over something small.

Can you replace individual slats on blinds

What Do You Need To Replace Individual Blind Slats?

Firstly you’ll need the new slats themselves. You’ve got to consider whether your replacement slats will go well together with the rest. The key is to go for the right design and color. Taking measurements of the old slats will help you figure out the size you need.

There may have been changes in the design or function of your slats over the years. Be prepared for the possibility of finding that you can’t find an exact match from the manufacturer. You’ll also need:

  • A hammer or rubber mallet – You’ll use this for driving in the plugs until they’re pinned down properly.
  • A flat-head screwdriver – This is for removing the plugs at the bottom rail for the blind. A 7/32″ one should do the trick. You can even use the backend to knock in the plugs.
  • Tweezers – These will prove handy when driving the lift cord through the bottom rail.
  • Time – This isn’t a five-minute job. You’ll have to set aside at least thirty minutes and up to an hour. Seasoned DIYers will obviously be quicker at getting it done.

How To Replace Individual Slats On Blinds

It all starts with the bottom rail. You’ll have to look for the plugs through which the lift cord runs. Once you’ve located them, you need to remove them and undo the lift cord.

From there, you’ll want to pull the lift cord all the way up to the damaged slat. Slide the broken slat out of the ladder and bring in the replacement. Make sure the holes in the new slat are in alignment with the entire set.

Now, slide the slat into the slot, making sure it goes all the way through. When you’re through with that, bring back the lift cord, passing it through the slats. Upon reaching the rail at the bottom, allow the lift cord to run through the holes and tie it into a knot to keep it in place.

Now that you’ve replaced the damaged slats and laced up your blinds with the cord, you can put back the plugs into the holes at the bottom rail. It’s important to ensure they’re firmly set in place with something like a hammer.

You’ll softly knock the plugs in with that hammer. It may happen that the plugs aren’t in good condition. In that case, you’ll have to replace them as soon as possible.

Tips For Easy Slat Replacement

  • Not all plugs are the same. They come in different shapes and designs. Regardless, they all serve the purpose of keeping the lift cord in place.
  • Some blinds are larger than others and that could mean having more lift cords to pull on.
  • You may find that you have several slats that need replacing. In such a situation, you’ll need to pull cords from the damaged slat that’s closest to the top rail.
  • Unless you’ve got some rare designer blinds, getting replacements shouldn’t be that difficult. If it’s the typical wood, faux wood, and aluminum, it’s as easy as pie.
  • Sometimes slats don’t come in the same color, style, or material. So, you need to make sure they can be replaced in the first place, otherwise, you’ll have to replace everything.

Can You Replace Individual Slats On Blinds

As with everything else around your house, your blinds will get damaged over time.
Things can get twisty, tangly, and twiggy in this life of blinds. Perhaps there’s a little dent in the corner and you’re wondering if you need to restore the entire blind?

Hopefully, this guide has shown you just how easy it is to replace individual slats on blinds. If you follow the guidelines presented above, you can get it done in record time.

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