do curtains need a valance

Do Curtains Need A Valance?

Do curtains need a valance? I like using a valance to conceal the space between the top of my windows and curtains, but you don’t always need one. Factors to consider when making this decision include the style of your curtain, overall room aesthetic, and the practicality of a valance. Some styles of curtains will look best without a valance, but this feature can bring added darkness to rooms like bedrooms. Most of the decision will come down to personal taste and expense. In this guide, I’ll explain exactly what a valance is, why you might purchase one, and how to choose the best one for your curtains.


What is a Valance?

A window valance is a special window treatment designed to cover the top part of your window. There are many different kinds of valances – some go with curtains, some go with blinds, and some can hang all by themselves. Some valances look like curtains, and others are made of hard plastic or wood. If you want to pair a valance with your curtains, it’s important to choose the right style. Choosing one with no regard for your curtains can create a jarring aesthetic in your room.

Do Curtains Need a Valance?

Valance curtains can cover up hardware, like curtain rods or unsightly window frames. When paired with blackout curtains, they also do a great job of blocking the sun. You can also use valance curtains to dress up your curtains or tie the room together! As we mentioned earlier, valance curtains have both style and substance.

But, they aren’t a necessity in your home. Some people might choose to use a valance on every window in their home, whilst others keep this feature in only their bedrooms. Alternatively, some might not use any valances! The option to use a valance is entirely up to you, but learning more about how to pick the best ones can help make that decision easier. So, let’s take a closer look at matching valances to your curtains.

Are Curtain Valances Out of Style?

One of the main concerns that puts people off choosing a curtain valance is the fear that their home will look dated and old fashioned. Curtain valances are timeless, which means they never go out of style. They have been around since the time of the Roman Empire, and you will still find them in many homes today.

Of course, valances have been more popular at certain times and less popular at others. And, certain styles of valance go in and out of fashion. For example, lace valances were extremely popular during the Victorian era, and today, a plain valance can block the sun, or a patterned valance can make bland curtains pop! The beauty of curtain valances is that they have both style and substance. They can help block drafts and sunlight, but they can also add style and flair to any window treatment.

do curtains need a valance

Matching Your Curtains to Your Style

Before adding a valance to your curtains, consider the overall look and feel you want to achieve. If you want to add a pattern or a pop of color to an otherwise plain room, a window valance may be perfect for you, but if you want a sleek, modern look, a window valance may not be the best choice.

Ask yourself:

  • Is there any part of your window treatment that you want to cover up?
  • Is your curtain rod nice? Do you want it to be visible?
  • Do you want the room to feel lighter or darker?
  • Are you going for a sleek, modern aesthetic or something cozier?
  • Do you want to give multiple windows the same look?
  • Do you need extra fabric to block the light or cold weather?

The answers to these questions can help guide you. Valances tend to block light, create a cozier feeling, and tie things together.

My Experiences with Valances

In my bedroom, I have chosen to skip the valance because I already have sheer, floor-to-ceiling curtains that fall elegantly over a sleek, black curtain rod. We have loads of plants and a light, airy feel in the room. A valance really would not fit.

In our guest room, however, we have a dark blue comforter and dark blue curtains with a matching valance. The valance helps keep the light out, covers up the cheap metal curtain rod, and ties the room together. This makes the space cozier and more comfortable for our guests and allows them to sleep in while they are on vacation.

We do not have curtains in our vintage-looking kitchen, but I think adding a patterned valance (without curtains) could create a super cute effect and pull the room together. My point here is to take a look at your spaces and imagine what a valance might look like in each one. You can even get fabric samples to better imagine how a valance might fit into each room. They can be a great way to tie color schemes together, making every design choice look purposeful and effective.

Tips for Adding a Valance to Your Curtains

If you want to add a valance to your curtains, make sure it matches. For example, if you have white curtains, stick with a white valance (of the same shade) or a complementary pattern. With neutral curtains, you can even try a different kind of fabric or texture, as long as everything fits together. Again, I cannot recommend fabric samples enough!

You can also use different shapes, sizes, and styles of valances to add something special to your window treatment. For instance, an arched valance can make your window look rounder, and scalloped or cascading valances can add some flair and drama to the room.

Remember: You Don’t Have to Use a Valance if You Don’t Want To!

When it comes to window valances, you have a lot of choices. First and foremost, you will want to decide whether or not you want to use a valance at all. Some window treatments, like blinds, all but require a window valance to be functional, but curtains can work with or without a valance, so the choice is up to you.

Valances can do everything – from making your child’s room feel like a castle to achieving a vintage feel in your kitchen to keeping the morning sun out of your bedroom and giving you some extra Z’s. If you want to add something special to your existing curtain setup, a window valance might do the trick. To make things fancy, try a scalloped or cascading valance to add some regal flair to your room.

Whatever you do, make sure your valance complements your curtains and fits in with the overall style of your room. If you can’t find a valance that works, your curtains may be better on their own! Only you can decide what’s right for your home.

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