do roller blinds break easily

Do Roller Blinds Break Easily?

Do roller blinds break easily? I use roller blinds throughout most of my home. They’re one of the most popular blind styles, mainly because of their simplistic design and how easy they are to open and close. But, it’s natural to wonder how durable roller blinds are when you’re choosing the right blinds for your home. After all, you don’t want to spend money purchasing blinds if they’re just going to break and need replacing. In this article, I’ll discuss roller blinds and their durability, along with their pros and cons and how to fix common roller blind problems. So, whether you already have roller blinds or if you’re thinking about purchasing some, keep on reading!


How Roller Blinds Work

If you’ve ever seen a roller blind, then you’ll know that they’re extremely simple. Their construction quite literally consists of some fabric, a hollow tube, a spring, and a ratchet. Companies create roller blinds by wrapping the chosen fabric around the hollow tube. When you go to close your blinds, the tube rotates, and the fabric unravels, covering your entire window.

The ratchet of the roller blind is what holds the blind in place, meaning you can partly close your blind for times when you want a small amount of light filtering in the room, or you can close or open it completely. The final component, the spring, contributes to the blind’s smooth operation as it provides the blind with tension that keeps everything running as it should.

Do Roller Blinds Break Easily?

Roller blinds are meant to roll up and down multiple times a day. So, companies make them as durable as possible so they can withstand repetitive use. As long as you aren’t tugging at the string with force, your roller blinds will last you for years to come, and if you do come across any minor issues, there are fixes you can do to correct them (which we’ll get into later.)

do roller blinds break easily

The Pros of Roller Blinds

Along with being durable, roller blinds also have some other advantages which make them a popular choice amongst homeowners. Here are 5 of my favorite things about roller blinds.

They’re Inexpensive

Blinds are something that don’t exactly spring to mind when budgeting for a house. But, luckily, even if you are on a tight budget, you’d be able to find roller blinds that won’t break the bank.

They’re Easily Adjustable

Whether you want them fully open, half open, or completely closed, roller blinds are easy to adjust, meaning you can choose just how much light filters into the room.

They Offer Excellent Privacy

Roller blinds that are opaque offer excellent privacy from neighbors or passersby when you roll them down completely. Their opaqueness also helps keep the room cool or trap heat in, depending on the season.

They Come in a Range of Styles

Roller blinds come in a range of styles and patterns, so you can find the perfect blind to suit the aesthetic of your home.

You Can Turn Them into Smart Blinds

With technology advancements, you can now turn roller blinds into smart blinds, which you can control with a remote, your phone, or even a voice command.

The Cons of Roller Blinds

As with all things in life, there are some disadvantages of roller blinds that may sway your decision.

They Can Bang About in a Breeze

If you have a window open, with your blinds halfway down, and there is a slight breeze coming through, it can cause your blinds to bang against the window. To counteract this issue, you simply need to roll your blinds all the way up.

Their Cords May Not be Safe for Children or Pets

Many roller blinds come with cords that may not be safe for children or pets. If you do have little ones in the house, however, you can opt for roller blinds with motors or rods.

How to Fix Common Roller Blind Problems

Although roller blinds are extremely durable, they can come across some minor problems that you at home can easily fix. Here’s how.

If You Can’t Raise the Blind

Firstly, if you’re having trouble raising your blind, remove the blind from the bracket. There will be a pin on the side of your blind where the tension spring is. Turn the pin with some pliers, and when you feel some tension, you can hang your blind back up, and it should work as it once did.

If Your Blinds Roll Up and Down but Don’t Stay in Place

The ratchet in your blind is what makes it stay in place, meaning there is likely an issue with the ratchet. Take the blind out of the bracket and roll the fabric up.

Once you have exposed the ratchet, use a toothpick to remove any dirt or dust that has clogged the area causing it to malfunction. To help the ratchet run smoothly, you can apply a lubricant before placing it back in the bracket.

If Your Blinds are Rolling Down too Quickly or too Slowly

Your blinds rolling down too slowly usually indicates that there has been a jam with the fabric and the tube. Lower the blind so all the fabric is visible, take it out of the bracket, and then manually roll the fabric back up using your hands.

If the fabric is unraveling too quickly, then roll the blind up completely, take it out of the bracket and manually roll the fabric down using your hands.

In Summary: Do Roller Blinds Break Easily?

Roller blinds are a great blind option as they’re inexpensive, efficient, and durable. If you take care of your blinds and prevent any harsh pulling or tugging, your roller blinds should last you for many years to come.

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