how long and wide should blinds be

How Long And Wide Should Blinds Be?

Blinds not only provide you with instant privacy, they also allow you to control the amount of light that enters a room. But how long and wide should blinds be to look good and function well? And is there a right way and a wrong way to hang them? I needed to be very confident about the answers to these questions before I could order any – the fear of making an expensive mistake was too real. But now I’m here to give you confidence too!


How Long and Wide Should Blinds Be?

In this article, we’re going to discuss everything you’d need to know about window blinds, including the difference between outside and inside mount blinds, and how to properly measure and install your blinds for a perfect fit and a clean finish.

Different Window Blind Mounting Options

Before you even think about purchasing your new blinds, you first need to take precise and careful measurements to ensure that your blinds will perfectly fit your window. And in order to get these measurements, you need to decide on whether you’re going to mount your chosen blinds inside or outside the window molding.

Outside mount window blinds

The first blind mount option is an outside mount that many people also refer to as an external mount. With an outside-mounted window blind, you will install the blind outside of the window frame or recess. In other words, on the wall surface facing into the room.

By mounting the blind outside the window frame, the blind will overlap the window on all sides and cover it completely. Blinds that you mount this way provide you with more privacy and darkness while also giving you the option to cover up the window entirely if it’s old or unappealing to look at.

People often mount their blinds outside the window molding in rooms such as bedrooms or nurseries to make the room as dark as possible. Inside mounted blinds do still block out a vast amount of light, but there are gaps where light can filter in.

Some other reasons as to why you may need to mount your blinds outside the molding is if you already bought a blind that won’t fit internally or if your window isn’t deep enough to accommodate an internal blind.

how long and wide should blinds be

Inside mount window blinds

If you’re opting for inside mounted blinds or internal blinds, then you’ll need to position the blinds inside the window frame or recess. Or in other words, two vertical surfaces which face each other, across the window. Internal blinds produce a more clean and streamlined look and people typically choose them when they want to give the room a more modern feel.

With inside mounted blinds, you can see the entire frame of the window, along with its size. And although blinds come in a variety of depths, you’ll need to carefully measure to ensure your window is deep enough to accommodate them.

Should I Mount My Blinds Inside or Outside the Window Molding?

Both blind mounting styles have their advantages and disadvantages and there is no right or wrong decision as to which one you choose. Think carefully about the room you’ll be hanging the blinds in, and your overall style preferences.

If you’ll be hanging your blinds in a bedroom, for example, then an outside mounted blind will block out more light. But if you’re hanging blinds in a dining room, then internal mounted blinds will create a more elegant look.

Measuring for outside mount window blinds

If you came to the decision that you’re going with outside mounted blinds, there are a few tips and tricks that will help you hang and measure them correctly. Luckily, as outside mounted blinds cover the entire window, you have a larger margin for error, so they’re a great option if you aren’t a professional DIYer.

Step 1

Start off by measuring the width of the window frame or recess, and add three inches to either side for optimal light control and privacy. You can also add more or less than three inches, but that choice is completely up to you.

Step 2

To measure how long you want your blinds to be, you need to decide how far above the window you’d like to position your headrail. The headrail is where the blind will roll back up into, and for the most part, they’re a few inches tall.

Once you’ve determined where the headrail will be, measure down to the windowsill, and add on a few extra inches so your blind will completely cover the window.

Now with both of these figures, you have your ideal blind width and length so you can custom make or purchase a blind from a store.

Measuring for inside mount window blinds

Inside mounted blinds are a little bit trickier, and you may need to double or triple-check your measurements to ensure you’ve measured correctly.

Step 1

Measure from one inside edge of your window frame to the other. It’s best to measure at the top, middle, and bottom of the window, as windows aren’t always perfectly regular. If you find one measurement is narrower, then you should opt for blinds that fit the narrowest figure to avoid obstructions when you roll the blinds up and down. Subtract 1.5 inches from the narrowest width of the recess, so the blind can move up and down freely without rubbing.

Step 2

Measure the height of the window from the top to bottom, again in three different places. With the length, however, you’ll need to opt for the longest measurement of the three to avoid light spilling into the room.

Step 3

With internally mounted blinds, you also need to measure the depth of the frame. Measure from the window to the edge of the frame and ensure that the blind will be flush inside your window molding.

How Long and Wide Should Blinds Be?

Window blinds can be made as long or as wide as you like or need, and the choice is really down to you. Both blinds that perfectly fit inside the window and blinds that cover the exterior of the window have their design advantages and disadvantages, and there is no right or wrong way to go about it.

You ultimately need to evaluate your space and the vibe you want to give off. For a more relaxed feel, head down the outside mounted window blind route, and for a more sophisticated vibe, try mounting your blinds internally.

Which style of mounting blinds do you prefer? Let us know in the comments box down below!

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