What Color Curtains Go With White Walls And Grey Furniture

What Color Curtains Go With White Walls and Grey Furniture?

What color curtains go with white walls and grey furniture? Should you be using them as a chance for a splash of color, or is it best to stay with a neutral theme? Styling your home is a very personal thing, today I’ll share some awesome choices for ways to make your living space unique yet beautiful.


What Color Curtains Go With White Walls and Grey Furniture?

Decorating the home brings a lot of excitement to every homeowner. At the same time though, it comes with challenges such as when choosing color combinations. Complementary colors bring out the best vibe in every living space but choosing the wrong combinations will ruin the scene.

More and more modern homes switch to white walls and grey furniture. The colors go with each other but what color curtains will complement them is the next question. Truth is, it should not be difficult to tell.

Grey and white are neutral colors. Neutral colors may easily be paired with different colors and tones. If you have white walls and grey furniture, you can get curtains that are also in neutral shades. Alternatively, designers agree that primary and secondary colors also go well with grey and white.

Do Neutral Curtains Go With White Walls and Grey Furniture?

Grey and white are neutrals. They lack color and appear to have muted shades. Grey and white are a total classic together but still blend well with a wide range of colors. This includes pure neutrals and neutrals with different undertones.

They promote a calm atmosphere and get rid of distractions and overwhelming effects. Neutral colors also help balance the overall design of a room. There are three categories that neutrals fall under. These are:

  • Pure neutrals
  • Near neutrals
  • Warm and cool neutrals

Pure Neutrals

White, black, grey, and brown are the only pure neutrals in the color palette. Their saturation does not have any underlying hues. Adding primary colors to neutrals changes their saturation creating an underlying tone.

Near Neutrals

Mixing pure neutrals with primary colors create near-neutral tones. For example, to achieve a near-neutral shade in tan, you need to mix brown with yellow. Near-neutral colors appear to have lower saturation and underlying tones. They create unique color effects under different lighting, too.

Warm Neutrals and Cool Neutrals

Mixing neutral colors and primary or secondary colors together creates either warm or cold undertones. It depends on the color that you add to your neutral. Warm neutral colors include neutrals that display undertones of pink, orange, and yellow. Examples of warm neutral colors are beige and gold. Cold neutral colors include undertones of green, blue, and purple.

Do Plain Colored Curtains Go With White Walls and Grey Furniture?

Red, blue, and yellow are the primary colors in the color wheel. Secondary colors include green, purple, and orange. The colors that make up the color wheel should go well with white walls and grey furniture because again, they have muted color effects.

There are no rules when it comes to using primary and secondary colors for curtains but note that they can be too loud for some interior themes. Red pops up and creates a great emotional impact.

Green curtains make the space look bigger but is more ideal in bedrooms for calming effects.
If you want a more serious atmosphere, navy blue curtains go with white walls and grey furniture. You can keep the balance by adding small elements in the same color in some areas of the room.

What Color Curtains Go With White Walls And Grey Furniture

Can You Use White Curtains with White Walls?

A similar color is preferred, but there is no reason why white can’t go with white, especially if you have grey furniture. White curtains on white walls provide a clean, airy effect. This not only makes the room look bigger but also gives you the freedom to add other elements in a different shade to the space.

If not pure white, some good alternatives are ivory and cream. Their muted shades are not overpowering but they give the room a warmer vibe. You may also find printed curtains in these shades. Prints can level up the overall appeal less the effort of adding in more elements. Choose light, conservative prints to keep the sleek, sophisticated look.

Tips on Choosing Color Curtains For White Walls And Grey Furniture

Not everyone makes good choices in interior design no matter how much they love to decorate their home. Curtains come in different designs and colors. If you’re not sure what to pick, here are some tips to help you decide.

Should Your Curtains Be Lighter or Darker Than Your Wall?

While the general rule is to get a curtain or drape in a shade that is darker or lighter than the wall, it is also possible to use curtains in bold colors if you want to create a focal point. Shades that complement your wall provide a soothing, calming effect. On the other hand, bold-colored curtains provide the contrast that makes them the focus of the room.

If you make the curtains the accent of the room, choosing a bold color should attract attention but not be painful to the eyes. However, you should also learn to play with the other elements that you have in the room. The same bold color should be visible in one or two areas of the room to avoid an awkward vibe.

Can You Use Printed Curtains for White Walls And Grey Furniture?

Going for printed curtains is possible when you have white walls and grey furniture. But remember that prints bring visual weight to a room. When you go for printed designs, make sure that your furniture is in solid color.

You may go for florals to achieve a classic look or geometric patterns to create a contemporary appeal.

What Color Curtains Go With White Walls and Grey Furniture?

There are no rules when choosing color curtains that go with white walls and grey furniture. You must accept the fact that you have many choices, though. Picking the wrong color or shade beaks the scene.

Curtains in neutral, near neutral, or warm/cold neutral shades are the best choice when you want a calm, clean appearance. If you love adding more elements to your space, they can be the best color choices, too. On the other hand, bolder shades and printed curtains are your shortcuts to getting some weight, contrast, and focal point.

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