Windows don’t just let light into your home. They help to keep you warm, safe and even stylish too. At Totally Windows we share our experience, knowledge and design ideas so that every home can be visually open to the world around it, yet provide a comfortable and secure indoor space.

Meet The Team

The Totally Windows team is a group of writing, design and renovation creatives. Each of us understands and appreciates the use and importance of providing light, warmth and soul to our homes. Our editors have a wealth of experience that helps our writing team to give you the absolute best in honest and accurate information. Helping to turn your house into a home.

Our Story

Why Do Windows Matter So Much?

You’ve probably heard eyes being described as the windows to the soul. Well literal windows do much the same for your home.

From the outside a window gives an impression of your style, from modern to traditional, or completely unique. But when you look inside the picture becomes even more valuable.

Windows are your first line of defence, whilst letting the world look in they firmly keep it physically outside where it belongs. They draw a firm line keeping bugs and extremes of weather where they belong.

And of course, windows can be dressed to enhance and improve the style of your entire living decor too. Something we’re very excited to help you with.

“Windows are the eyes of home. Looking out and ahead, protecting you from the elements while providing the basis for your own personal style.”
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