what color curtains go with cream blinds

What Color Curtains Go With Cream Blinds?

What color curtains go with cream blinds? Whether you’re redecorating your windows or you’ve recently moved into a new house, choosing curtains to match cream blinds is no easy decision. I love experimenting with decor in my home, but not everyone has the time and money to take risky chances with their curtains! So, in this article, I’ll show you the options available when searching for curtains to match cream blinds. Including how the type and texture of your blind can impact things, as well as the importance of considering your overall room design and decor.


Should You Pair Curtains with Cream Blinds?

Layering your curtains and blinds can be a great way to add some depth and texture to your room. When you have blinds installed, curtains aren’t necessarily essential, but they can look great, and can add some extra protection from the sun. For instance, if your blinds are quite thin, curtains have a practical use as well as an aesthetic one.

Luckily, cream is a neutral color that goes with plenty of other shades. The color that you choose for your curtains might depend on the current theme in the room, and on the effect you’re looking for. For instance, a patterned or textured curtain can break up a very neutral, plain room, which is a great way to add some personality. Dark, patterned, or bold curtains will draw the eye, so if you want your windows to be a central focal point, these might be your ideal choice. Let’s take a closer look at your options.

What Color Curtains Go With Cream Blinds?

When you have cream-colored blinds, the color of your curtains will depend on your preferences. You can pick a more vibrant color to make a strong statement, a neutral tone for a calm, relaxed vibe, or even curtains with multiple colors to add some depth.

One popular choice is to match your curtain and blind colors – so a cream curtain with a cream blind. This can be a great option, but can also overwhelm the room’s interior decor if your cream shades don’t blend. To avoid this, bring a piece of your cream-colored blinds when shopping for a precise curtain color match, if possible!

what color curtains go with cream blinds

However, cream isn’t your only option. Here are some of my favorite color tones that can compliment cream blinds:

  • Brown
  • Green
  • Navy blue
  • Light grey
  • White
  • Pink
  • Yellow

What Type of Cream Blind is It?

As I’ve explained, cream blinds can match a lot of curtains because they’re a neutral tone. However, this can leave you overwhelmed with choice. One way to narrow down your options is to consider the type of cream blind you have. If you aren’t sure, here’s a quick look at the most common varieties:

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds use one piece of fabric which folds into pleats when the blind is open. The blinds resemble a single, flat piece of cloth when they are closed. The pleats are all structured and uniform when they open.

Venetian Blinds

These blinds are usually made to order and offered in various colors and designs. Venetian blinds typically fit inside the window recess or outside to showcase the window features. They are made up of horizontal slats that rotate to let in or block light.

Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds are most common in the venetian style. The finish of these blinds will either be natural, painted, or stained. Your curtains can match your walls, flooring, or furnishings if your wooden blinds are cream.

Roller Blinds

A single piece of fabric is wrapped around a casing to create a roller blind. The casing fits within or outside the window recess at the top of your window. Pull cords or side-winding chase mechanisms can open and close roller blinds.

Why Does This Matter?

The type of blind you have can be a great place to start when narrowing down your choice for curtain colors. Simple blinds like roller blinds or roman blinds can be a great excuse for textured or patterned curtains. Venetian or wooden blinds already have some more texture and complexity, so you might prefer to neutralize them with a single color block.

However, the benefit of cream blinds is that they go with almost any curtain, no matter what type you have. So, whilst contrasting the complexity of your curtain and blinds is a good place to start, it’s not a hard and fast rule.

What Kind Of Texture Do You Want In Your Rooms?

Your curtain colors will be significant if you want your space to have a particular texture. Fortunately, cream blinds can accommodate most textures. Some of the most interesting, unique curtain textures include:

  • Velvet
  • Voile
  • Chenille
  • Damask
  • Silk
  • Lace

Each of these materials can come in a variety of colors. But, they have different textures and thicknesses. If your blinds are already thick, a thin curtain made from lace of voile can add some delicacy to your decor. Alternatively, thicker curtains, made from velvet, chenille, or damask can make a bold statement against a plain blind.

What Is The Overall Room Design?

When selecting the perfect curtain color, considering the room’s overall design is necessary. Blinds and curtains significantly impact how a room feels and looks.

Choose a brightly colored curtain if the room’s interior decor is neutral or subdued (desaturated, dulled, or grayed). However, a neutral curtain color might be better if the entire room design is bold or vibrant. Some people prefer the color of their curtains to match the walls, to give the room some consistency. You can still choose a few shades darker or lighter if you don’t want the exact color.

But, consistency isn’t always the goal. You can use the color of your curtains to complement the rest of your decor. For instance, if your furniture is patterned, use curtains in a solid color. When your furniture is all solid colors, you should choose patterned curtains.

Consider the Size of Your Room

It’s also worth considering how big your room is, and whether you want it to feel smaller or larger. Curtain color is a great way to achieve this. In small areas, light-colored curtains are ideal to open up your space. When choosing curtains for spaces with a lot of direct sunshine, go with light colors. They typically fade more slowly.

In large spaces, dark-colored curtains will look good. You can pick either dark or bright colors to complement your cream-colored blinds. You will benefit from using dark-colored curtains in a busy area because they don’t readily display dirt. They also look good with high ceilings and light-colored walls. Dark-colored curtains come in shades other than gray, brown, or black, such as darker shades of purple, blue, or red.

Should I Go With A Print Color?

Yes, print color curtains can go well with cream blinds. But I’d recommend only using print curtains as long as your blinds are solid cream. Combining print curtains with print blinds can be overwhelming for a room. The best way is to have one print and the other a solid color. Ensure that the color of your curtain prints features the color of the blind for a cohesive, planned look.

Your cream blinds can look more balanced when paired with a print-colored curtain. Combining patterns and colors will give your room a very artistic appearance when done correctly. And, you can consider the type of feel you want your entire room to have. For instance, plant-print curtains can give a room an outdoor feel – and go great in homes with lots of leafy house plants. Alternatively, geometric print curtains with cream blinds will add some bright, fun beauty.

What Color Curtains Go With Cream Blinds?

When choosing the best curtains to match your cream blinds, your options are endless. But, keep in mind the statement you want your curtains to make. If you want to make a bold statement, use bright colors; if you’re going to make a more subdued one, use cool tones. Your curtains can complement or contrast your blinds – and are a great way to add some personal flair to your home.

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